Driving Growth and Profitability: Find New Revenue Opportunities with Predictive Analytics

It's hard to grow your business if you can't see what's coming next. What will the demand be for a specific product or service and how should you adjust production? What revenue can be expected and from which channels? Where are the best areas to expand your business? Predictive analytics can provide the answers executives, analysts and business managers need to reduce costs, operate more efficiently and increase the bottom line.

Join IBM SPSS and guest Mark Lack, Manager of Strategy Analytics and Business Intelligence with industrial products company Mueller Inc. for a look at how to decrease costs and improve your business' profitability with predictive analytics. You'll learn how Mueller extends the value of its Big Data environment by applying predictive techniques to accurately forecast sales, prevent fraud and reduce losses from damaged inventory, saving the company significant time and money.

When you know what is likely to happen tomorrow, next week or next year, you can make the decisions that will make your company more profitable. Register for the webinar today to learn more.


Mark Lack, Manager, Strategy Analytics & Business Intelligence, Mueller
Luciane Ellis, Portfolio Marketing Manager, IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics

Sponsor: IBM Corporation