Is Your Case Management Strategy Helping or Hurting your Business Operations?

Get new insight on how to balance content and process to deliver successful case management deployments

View this OpenText webinar featuring Craig Le Clair, Vice President and Principal Analyst of Forrester, who will share strategies that companies are adopting to deploy case management. Benefits of case management, and why this is a hot topic now, will be presented.

Attendees will hear about the platform components and deployment approach of a successful case management project including content and information management, analytics, low-code development, and collaboration that enable greater flexibility and visibility into the case process. Enterprise "shared service" approaches are contrasted with multiple specialized case management deployments.

By the end of this webinar, attendees will gain a better understanding of:

- Trends in enterprise use of case management platforms
- How process, content, analytics, and collaboration can make case management deployments successful
- The feature sets desired in modern case management systems
- Practical use cases and challenges being solved today with a case management approach

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