CyberArk Solution Brief - Protect Against Pass-The-Hash Attacks

In a Microsoft report, a primary recommendation for mitigating Pass-the-Hash attacks states "restrict and protect local accounts with administrative privileges". In this Solution Brief you will learn how to:

-Discover and mitigate the risk of Pass-the-Hash attacks on endpoints
-Prevent privileged credentials from being exposed on endpoints, reducing the risk of a credential theft attack to initiate Pass-the-Hash
-Stop attackers from exploiting an inherent weakness in Microsoft Windows endpoints via Pass-the-Hash

Download the Solution Brief and learn how CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager can mitigate Pass-the-Hash attacks.

About Endpoint Privilege Manager: Endpoint Privilege Manager secures privileges on the endpoint and contains attacks early in their lifecycle. It enables revocation of local administrator rights, while minimizing impact on user productivity, by seamlessly elevating privileges for authorized applications or tasks. Application control, with automatic policy creation, allows organizations to prevent malicious applications from executing and running unknown applications in a restricted mode. This, combined with credential theft protection, helps to prevent malware gaining a foothold and contains attacks on the endpoint.

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